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Meet the newest mindyourmind staff, Carolyn


My name is Carolyn, and I am the newest addition to the mindyourmind team! 

I am a Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Fanshawe College Instructor in the CYCP Program, and Reiki Master.  I have worked extensively in residential care as well as in-home support to families who are struggling with their dynamic at home.  In recent years, I transitioned to Thames Valley District School Board and wore the hat of Educational Assistant.  I am passionate about challenging myself and working toward my goals.  Personally, I am a hippy at heart-truly peace, love, and happiness (cue sitar music).  I believe in the mind, body, soul connection and that emotional healing and growth is the foundation to peace, love, and happiness.  I love to unfold the complexities of my inner workings and do this with all relationships in my life.  I am a huge relationship person and enjoy learning about the people and places around me.  I love to smile and laugh and be positive.  Everywhere I go, I take with me the vibe of having a good time!

I really love the things mindyourmind is doing for mental health and addictions-both of which I know plenty about.  I grew up with both mental health and addictions in my family, as I believe most of us have.  How wonderful to be a part of something that is bringing awareness, support, and genuine passion to helping people who live with mental health and addictions.  A huge passion of mine is helping others unfold family of origin dysfunction and trauma so they can experience the healing and liberating shifts that come when that happens...I also love astrology, and use that as a tool to understanding people as well. Chances are, if we meet, I’ll ask you your birthday at some point!

I was thrilled when the opportunity to be a part of mindyourmind came into my life and most certainly took the leap (another thing I am fond of)!!!! My role here at mindyourmind is the Curriculum Developer, and I am beyond excited to pe into this next chapter of my career!!  I cannot wait to dig in to the work!!

Link: Reiki (Wikipedia)