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Mental health myths

Here at mindyourmind, we are all about fighting the stigma that revolves around mental health issues. Negative things that people believe, that act as barriers to people getting the help that they need, is huge in the area of mental health because people will feel judged or isolated from society because of stigma.

Recently I came across an article in the Times of India that identifies and helps to combat the myths surrounding mental health issues. It is always good to see major publications publishing articles like this, because they have a responsibility not just as a news purveyor, but also as figures in the community to get information out there to those who may need it… and whether or not we choose to admit it, mental health is a huge part of our lives.

One of the main myths that the article showcases that I wanted to also highlight is this..

Myth: Anxiety disorders and depression do not affect children or adolescents.

Fact: Children and adolescents can develop severe mental illnesses as well. About 20 percent of these children receive needed treatment. Left untreated, these problems can get worse. Anyone talking about suicide should be taken very seriously.

Please check out the rest of the article.