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Mental Health Support at Your Fingertips: Big White Wall

Big White Wall (BWW) is a free, online mental health resource for Ontarians 16 years and over. BWW is targeted to individuals who are in need of a safe and anonymous place to vent and receive support. This 24/7 service offers users a chance to connect with others experiencing similar issues-- so no one has to tackle their hardships alone.

BWW empowers members to reach out when times get tough. You can either communicate via one-to-one chat, as a small group or with the whole community. Members are able to anonymously speak about the issues they are facing, without the fear of being judged. They can safely navigate the site, as it’s monitored by Wall Guides-- clinically trained, caring health professionals. They help to protect users, offer advice and guide members so they can make the most of their experience.

Big White Wall encourages self-expression through the use of “bricks.” Bricks are a creative way to express your thoughts and feelings. You can draw or upload your own images to a brick, or you can even gift a brick to another member! Members can contribute to the BWW community through bricks-- each brick symbolizes a story that needs to be heard.

As a member, you can access various self-management tools and resources that can be helpful in coping with life’s many challenges. BWW offers courses to help you better manage issues such as depression, anxiety and smoking. You can also track your progress, set goals and take assessments to learn more about yourself. These resources can be extremely helpful when it comes to your mental health, I’ll even throw in a statistic to prove my point.

“67% report improved wellbeing from using BWW such as reduced isolation, improving coping skills and improved emotional health.”

At Big White Wall, you’re not just another brick in the wall, you are a part of something more. Check it out to start building your way to wellness, it’s available on desktop and mobile devices!

Link: Big White Wall