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Mental Health Week 2022

Mental Health Week 2022

May 2nd - May 8th, 2022 is Mental Health Week. The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is spending this week sharing content and organizing free seminars that focus on empathy and how we can show support to friends and loved ones. On their website, they have shared articles that highlight how you can practise empathy. You can find all the links under Info and Article on their website.

CMHA has also created a social media toolkit. You can use the graphics, Instagram stickers, the hashtag #GetReal, and digital banners to promote and continue the conversation on your platforms as well. You can access and download the kit under 2022 Toolkit on their website. 

Here at mindyourmind, we will also be joining the conversation by sharing content on how to support yourself as you support your loved ones, reaching out for help, how to navigate the mental health system and much more. 

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