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Mind Your Mental Health: A New Server on Discord

Mind Your Mental Health: A New Server on Discord

Hello! My name is Monique. As a grade 11 high school student, this was an exciting endeavor, by a desire to learn and excel. Of my hobbies and interests, this endeavor has made quarantine more bearable, along with my other hobbies such as; Anime, reading Manga and other novels, coding, playing cards with my father, weekly zoom calls with family and friends, drawing and paint competitions.

Mind Your Mental Health is a Discord Server with a design goal to create an informal, relaxed, and safe chat space / community forum, as it relates to mental health topics for young adults. Different channels/forums in the main server navigate the different topics within mental health issues. We have rules in place to ensure that all users are respectful as well as respected. There is a special section that advertises mental health media campaigns, phone numbers to different hotlines, and other reliable resource information.

I joined the mindyourmind Design Lab in the summer of 2021, with the intention to help highlight the struggles of mental health in young adults and create a resource and safe space for them. Many factors contribute to recovery, including having a strong support system composed of people you like, respect, and trust. They can be family members, friends, teachers, faith leaders, neighbors, or peers — what matters is that you have unbiased people you can talk to about what you're going through and access the support needed. Unfortunately, some young adults do not have a proper support system to help through recovery. In my opinion, I have observed that as young persons, we can connect better with each other young persons experiencing a range of issues. We connect over similar experiences, likes/dislikes, mental health issues, and/or we just have a better understanding of each other. I decided that discord is a great and popular place to connect with others. Discord tends to have a younger audience, and this is the beauty of the design. It will help the server reach the intended audience more efficiently. Hence, creating this forum will help younger groups feel comfortable and safe to open and discuss what can be polarizing issues of mental health topics amongst each other. The weekly meetups and resources we had during this Design Lab really helped me create paced and easily attainable goals. It also soothed a lot of questions and worries I had at the beginning of the design concept. I was able to pace myself, seek input from various sources and plan effectively. It was a smooth path and delivered what I believe to be the objective for the Mind Your Mental Health Discord server.

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