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Mindfulness meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Sometimes life can feel so hectic! As to-do lists grow, and expectations pile up, our stress levels can feel unbearable.  You may have mounting homework, difficulties at home, stresses over relationships, or overwhelming worries about the future. Whatever the situation, taking a few seconds to mentally reset can make all the difference, and can keep you from a nasty trip down the rabbit hole of worry, confusion, and doubt.

In this video, Jon Kabat-Zinn (cool name eh!- makes me think of chocolate bars), teaches the Google team “mindfulness meditation”, which is an awesome tool to keep calm in stressful situations, and to hit that mental reset button when you feel things are spinning out of control.

The full length video (1 hour and 12 minutes) is also available if you feel like relaxing for a longer time:

This skill has helped me numerous times when my worries started to get in the way of my wellness. Once you’ve learned mindfulness meditation you can use it anywhere, in any situation, and it works wonders!

Hope you enjoy,