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mindyourmind Monday: Gratitude

I’m so excited to announce that we’re starting mindyourmind Mondays! With everything going on in the world, we thought it would be nice to share some sunshine from our staff team. Every so often, we’re going to highlight a throwback, a fun thing that we’ve been up to, or something that we're talking about here at mindyourmind. Hopefully, you’ll get to know just a little bit more about the wonderful people behind the scenes here!

To start off our mindyourmind Monday blog series, I asked the team about gratitude. Everybody was asked to respond to this question: 

Even in uncertain times, it’s important to be grateful for the things that bring us joy, comfort, or peace. What’s something that you’ve been thankful for over the past few months?

Here’s what we came up with: 

Kyle: I’ve been thankful for my local small businesses. When everything went into lockdown and the big box stores were running out of supplies, my household was able to continue almost completely as normal relying solely on the independent convenience stores, restaurants and retailers in my neighbourhood. It showed me how important these small businesses are towards having a resilient community. 

Carolyn: I've been thankful for summer weather and being able to spend time with my friends and my kids getting outdoors as much as they did! I'm so grateful for the medication that I take for anxiety; it has been pivotal for my mental health as a single parent during the pandemic. But mostly, even though our house can get hairy, I am so thankful for my kids and the laughs we have been having! 

Justin: I'm grateful for the internet. I'm grateful that it's allowed me to continue doing my job from home, while many others have had to adapt to the stresses of working in riskier and more onerous roles in this pandemic context, or have lost their jobs entirely. I'm grateful that I've been able to stay connected to family and friends via Zoom calls, group chats, and playing games online.

Scarlett: Some crucial things that have kept me going these last few months that I'm ridiculously thankful for: my mental health supports, the relative health of my loved ones, my friends, having my own quiet space to live, and my nieces and nephews who are like a glimmer of hope and light. 

Michelle: I'm thankful to be able to stay in touch with friends over Zoom and to connect with new ones! I'm thankful for living in Canada with the changing seasons. I love taking walks and looking at the vibrant colours and hearing the leaves crunch under my feet. I'm thankful for young people and the ideas they bring to mindyourmind and how I'm inspired to be more creative!

Heather: I am grateful that the busyness of our day to day lives has slowed down during this pandemic. Even though some days have been tough, it does make you think about what is most important in your life.  I'm thankful for our beautiful city with it's many hiking trails and outdoor spaces. I'm thankful for spending quality time with my young daughter when schools were closed, even though some days were lonnng :)  I’m thankful for baking fresh bread, and cooking homemade meals, and I’m most thankful that my family has been safe and healthy. 

As for myself, I’d say that I’m thankful for the people in my life who have really allowed me to “do me” and make the best of an otherwise uncertain time: the lovely humans here at mindyourmind, who have helped me grow, learn, and work on things that I enjoy over the past little while; my friends, who are generous and fun and have been support systems for me and each other; and finally, my family members, who are wonderfully loving and have also given me the space to move out, even though it was the last thing they wanted. They say it takes a village, and I truly appreciate mine!

There’s no doubt that we’re in uncharted territory, facing challenges that we didn’t know would exist a year ago. Amongst all of this, being thankful for what we do have can help us get through the days that seem longer, tougher, or more ambiguous than before. And remember, everything passes… which means this pandemic will too. 

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