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mindyourmind Monday: Intentions

We’re back again with mindyourmind Mondays! Every few weeks, we’ve been highlighting something that we're talking about here at mindyourmind. For January, our content theme is ‘being present in the pursuit of tomorrow.’ So, I asked the team the following:

This month, we're talking about how to balance being mindful in the present with working toward your goals. What's an intention you have for 2021, and how will you aim to keep yourself well as you reach for it?

Elora: An intention I have for 2021 is to be kinder to my mind and body. I hope to take more time to focus on my mental and physical health and to improve the relationship I have with myself. By taking time to prioritize my personal growth, I hope to have the strength to then tackle my longer-term goals. 

I aim to take it one day at a time. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that no matter the pace I go at, I will get to where I need to be in the end.

Justin: I want to be a clearer and more direct communicator, which goes hand-in-hand with keeping myself well when it comes to recognizing and communicating my preferences. I'm relatively laid-back, happy to go along with anything when others have stronger preferences. But when this is always the case, I repeatedly end up ceding decisions to those who care more, and I fail to respect my own preferences, however slight they may be. I think practicing this kind of communication will be beneficial in two ways: 1) at the very least, I'll dig more deeply to understand my own preferences, what I really want or if I really don't care (and either is okay!); 2) I'll feel more comfortable telling people what I want (and realizing that others are often more than okay with that!).

Michelle: My 2021 intention is to be good to myself. To realize this I have set a goal to read a book a month. I set this same goal a number of years ago (I actually read more than a book a month) so I know I can do it. To accomplish this I need to put my phone down! Like so many of us my phone is my go to when I need a distraction, check email, update social media, play a game, etc. For my mental wellness and to accomplish this goal I am planning on turning off all my devices every night to allow myself to reflect on the positive aspects of the day and to relax and read. Fingers crossed!     

Kyle: My wellness aim for 2021 is to decouple my projects from their anticipated outcomes. I have a habit of setting unrealistic targets for how I want things to turn out and that leads to a weird kind of depressive state when a project is finished, particularly if it fell short of what I wanted it to be. I’ve always accepted the emotional ups and downs to be part and parcel of creative work but now I’m not so sure. My goal is to do work for its own sake and not have an emotional stake in how it ends up. 

Heather: An intention I have for 2021 is to bring back my yoga practise. I used to do it all the time, and really saw the wellness benefits in myself. This pandemic can really make it hard to focus on anything, and I know that if I am able to dedicate time to do any amount of yoga at all, I will be present in that moment, which is so important right now. There’s so much around us that is out of our control, but what we can control is what we are doing and how we are feeling right now, in this moment.

Carolyn: My intention for 2021 is to create a financially sustainable, flourishing career working from home as the main aspect of my career-I'm a Cancer so being at home with my family is my jam!  I'm going to keep taking my medication for my anxiety and depression, continue with my healing journey, practice self compassion & forgiveness. I plan to enjoy any moments I can have with just myself so that I can fill my own cup and have the patience my children need. And as always, I will be a flexible planner as sometimes the Universe has its own plans in store! 

As for me? One intention I have for 2021 is to get better at owning my mistakes, and making an active effort to receive and apply constructive criticism from the people in my life. This is a goal I’m setting now so that in the future, I’m not only better at picking myself up and moving forward after a failure, but trusting the people I love and respect to give me advice that I don’t always want to hear. It’s hard in the moment, but I’ve learned it makes things easier in the long run!

By the same token, as I go through this process, I’m aiming to keep myself well by showing compassion toward myself, accepting the feelings that come with receiving criticism while recognizing that I am enough. I am often kind to the people around me but hard and unforgiving on myself, and this is something I will work on changing. I hope we all practice more self-compassion in 2021!

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