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mindyourmind Monday: Spring

Hello and Happy March! Our team is already enjoying the sunny days that come with spring, and we wanted to talk more about it for this mindyourmind Monday. Here’s the prompt that we responded to: 

Spring is here! How are you feeling about it and why?

Elora: I am feeling relieved! This winter took a toll on me, especially on my mental health, and so I am looking forward to sunnier days and to getting outside more. Plus, I find spring to be the perfect time for change and transformation. With the arrival of this new season, I am feeling inspired to work on my own growth and healing. 

Justin: I'm looking forward to moderate temperatures. My bedroom is located in a finicky part of the apartment where it gets much colder in the winter and muggy in the summer, and I don't like blasting the baseboard heating or AC all night long when I'm not awake to appreciate it. Spring and fall are the perfect sleeping temperatures.

Kyle: I'm looking forward to the spring. 2020 made me appreciate things that I'd probably been taking for granted. As we slowly work towards getting back to "normal" I'm hoping to get out and experience some of the things I missed.

Michelle: Spring is here and I'm optimistic! People are starting to get the vaccine and I am confident we will be back to living life without restrictions. I can't wait for the trees to bud and the flowers to bloom. To me spring is new beginnings and I'm hopeful!

Heather: I am beyond thrilled that spring is upon us! We made it through a pandemic winter!

I remember in March 2020, everyone said - Well, at least we're going into a lockdown over the summertime!  Little did we know what was ahead of us. 

Spring to me represents change, growth, new beginnings, hope, and warmth. It means being outside, seeing buds on the trees and enjoying the sun. Vaccines are happening around us, and we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Science has proven that spending time in nature can make us happier, less stressed and more creative. 

Things aren't quite back to normal yet, but spring bringing us some sunshine will definitely help boost our spirits!

Carolyn: I'm feeling sooo thankful spring is here. Being outside and feeling the warmth slowly making its way on the scene is a blessing indeed!! Bring on the Vitamin D!

As for me? I’m looking forward to warmer weekends, so that socially-distanced outdoor gatherings can happen again… at least without everybody freezing! And like the rest of the team, I’m happily welcoming the warmth, change, and growth that comes with this season. I hope you are too!

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