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mindyourmind Spoken Word Poet Laureate

Hey there everyone! My name is Inali and I have just recently joined mindyourmind as their very first Spoken Word Poet Laureate (excited? I know I am). We are still playing with what this role could mean in the future, but my initial impression came out as a short poem. I know, shocking, the poet laureate has written a poem-- don’t worry there will be more to come!



My goal here is not to transcend thought

I just want to transpose the ideas we've already got

allow for your instruments to play off their notes

make new harmonies and

a choir

new voices adding their own tones when they can finally recognize the melody

The whole rest of the community is hidden in the silence, trying to read between the clef(t)s it's about time that we help find the bass line.


In short, it has often come to my attention (and more and more frequently to the attention of others) that communication gaps existing between fields, departments, generations, even individual-to-individual, are becoming a serious barrier to progress and successful collaboration. One of my goals is to help bridge gaps, synthesize/summarize information into a common language, and add a poetic lens to everyday working.

I see poetry as a medium to find unexpected connections in the world around us and to make information more accessible to everyone by translating it into practical everyday images, metaphors and analogies.

mindyourmind is not the first to bring an artist to the table. On my second day in the office I attended a forum on collective social impact. One of the panel speakers spoke of her experience during one meeting that had brought in an artist to contribute a fresh perspective. During their break, heading towards the bathrooms, they discovered that the artist had covered the male and female signs on the doors with signs saying “us” and “them”! It was certainly a successful exercise in not only providing a new perspective, but shifting that of those present at the meeting.

Let’s work together to eliminate the illusory “other” or “them” and create a more unified “us”!