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mindyourmind Street Team - First Session

The mindyourmind (mym) street team kicked off the project with a great start. The first session went extremely well as we all got to know each other, many of us for the first time. You could feel the high levels of enthusiasm circulating the room as each of us greeted each other and shared interesting information. The session was as productive as it could have ever been as we learned each others names in record timing due to us playing the name game. The session only got more and more productive as we all stated what we would like to accomplish on the mym street team. The goals we all set out to accomplish include: Educating people on positive mental health, raising awareness of today’s problems concerning youth, spreading the word of mindyourmind and what it does for youth, and to also help each other gain a better understanding of what mental heath really is.For the final part of the night, we all ate pizza which mym graciously provided us for dinner, it was delicious, and we sat around creating artworks which reflected what we wanted to accomplish with the street team and what strengths we can bring to the team. The art works were looking amazing, but unfortunately time flies when you’re at the mindyourmind office, and unfortunately our two hours were up. But I know we all can not wait to continue working on this great assignment next Wednesday, and continue the great times that mindyourmind street team has to offer.-Darragh