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mindyourmind Street Team - Session Five

The fifth session of the mindyourmind street team opened itself with the usual banter, followed by an ice breaker. If only this wasn’t the metaphorical ice breaker, seeing as how the cold December evening outside rang through everyone’s bones around the table. Even though it didn’t necessarily warm us up physically from the harsh outdoors, it tested our abilities at perception and noticing subtle differences – to be perfectly honest, mine might be a little lacking. The majority of the rest of the session was spent exercising our abilities on the internet. The intricate series of tubes that is the world wide web found us all on the mindyourmind Pro site, where we took the time to scroll through certain areas and places within the site. We took the time to play games, read articles, and think about what we enjoyed, and what could be changed about the site. Much time was spent talking about what each person enjoyed and a strong dialogue was present throughout as everyone allowed their thoughts to be heard. Once again another successful group session was had by all, where we communicated ideas and allowed opinions to be heard. We all went our separate ways from the warm environment of mindyourmind back onto the chilled streets downtown. Written by Max, 17