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mindyourmind Street Team - Session Four

Each person had their 10 fingers in the airOne would speak; the fingers would stay up, or drop down;Icebreaker was the game that we played,To start us off, the silence was remained Until one word was spoken loud,Laughter jumped in to the crowd.What we hope to accomplish in the street team,Was a different opinion that everyone seenPoster, presentation and videos and so on,And the intervention that was soon to come uponArt work being completed by some of usAs the rest were on playing games as a bonus,Videos and games, were being played,As paintbrushes, scissors and glue were a help to make it made,As 6’oclock was soon to come,We cleaned up, and got our stuff doneCan’t wait for the next time that we meet,A new idea would be soon to complete.Written by Suha, age 14