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mindyourmind Street Team - Session Two

I wasn’t sure what to expect for the second meeting of Mind Your Mind’s Street Team since last week we’d all just met and went over guidelines for the group. After playing an ice-breaker game tonight we quickly got down to business by playing "Reach Out with Marianas Trench."We were split up into three teams which helped me get to know some of the other group members better. Since we were placed in ‘group two’ we decided to make our team name “The Terrible Two’s.” That was my idea but I think I jinxed us by putting the word “terrible” in there because we finished last! And go figure, the team named “The Winning Team” won! It’s interesting how that worked out – it just goes to show how any negative labels can influence anything!Anyway, despite our team finishing last we had a really fun time playing the game. I thought I knew a lot about mental health going into it but it surprised me how much I learned from the questions and answers presented. For example, I learned about just how devastating doing street drugs can be on someone already struggling with mental illness. I was glad my fellow teammates knew some of the lyrics from mainstream music, because I was left clueless there. I’d say we did pretty well, overall, since we only got one question wrong and learned a whole lot in the process.I would say the biggest achievement of today for me was feeling more comfortable with the other members of the Street Team. I have a lot of experience with mental illness and was hesitant to let that show when answering questions in the game but I quickly realized that that is the whole point of Mind Your Mind: sharing and talking about the very things that have such a negative stigma attached. As a result of that realization I ended up answering some questions and sharing history with panic attacks and some of my knowledge on how exercise can be a great tool in battling stress, which is something that contributes to our mental well being.We wrapped the evening up with working on the art projects we started last week. Everyone’s pieces really seem to be coming along and the more we hang out as we work on them the more comfortable we all feel together, I think. Tonight was so productive and FUN that I really can’t wait for next week’s meeting.Written by ~ Erin