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mindyourmind is on TikTok!

We are very excited to announce that mindyourmind has officially joined TikTok with the username

As a program that works with and for young people, it is important to us to reach youth where they are at. TikTok is especially popular amongst youth and we hope  to provide effective mental health resources to those who are seeking help, or those who may stumble upon something that resonates with them. This way, valuable mental wellness information can be part of the entertainment or stress relief that many find from their TikTok feeds. TikTok’s sixty second video limit means that the useful stories, resources, and tips that you see on can be consolidated into quick but accessible videos for your education and support.

Just like many areas of the internet, a lot of the conversations on TikTok surrounding mental health struggles are lacking material support and often leave users with a negative message. We recognized the need for legitimate resources and are joining TikTok to place useful information into the user’s hands while promoting mental wellness through a positive light. One of the greatest benefits of social media is the way that we can use it to connect with one another. On mindyourmind TikTok, we hope that our followers will continue the conversation surrounding mental health and support, and inspire one another in our online TikTok community and beyond.

Check out to join us! If you enjoy our content, let us know what you would like to see next.

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