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Monday Morning YouTube (2007.07.30)

Happy Monday, everyone!

There’s nothing like an evening out at the movies to make me feel old and realize that I’m losing touch with society. I honestly don’t know what you kids are thinking sometimes!

The Simpsons Movie was packed opening night with the usual cattle line they make us all stand in for 40 minutes before we’re allowed to sit down. The crowd I was in was getting particularly unruly and as soon as the doors opened all line etiquette was abandoned and everyone charged for the theater, every man for himself. But here’s the kicker – they were all fighting for the seats in the back of the theater!

Everyone rushed to sit at the back?!

Not that I’m complaining – in a crowded theater we got to stroll in last and still claim seats in the dead-center, a few rows back.

It’s an interesting phenomenon because “back in my day” (spoken like an old man) the theater would fill up from front to back. Now it’s reversed and I can’t figure out why. It’s not like they’re making out back there (the only excuse I could think of) or that they snuck in and are trying to keep a low profile.

And if you’re going to sit that far away, why not just stay home and download the movie? Can someone please explain this to me?

Speaking of downloading videos – here are the clips:

Code Monkeys: Prank
Ah, memories! This is what happens when you have a male dominated workplace – violent assault becomes a “prank”.

Wooden Supercar
It looks like this was done as a publicity stunt for a furniture manufacturer (the video is in Japanese so I have no idea what’s really going on) – a car made of wood.

SNL – Japanese Game Show
A skit from the second golden-age of Saturday Night Live (Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, David Spade.all in the same season!). Here, Chris Farley plays an unwitting American on a Japanese game show.

Interesting note: Chris Farley was the original voice of Shrek but his death due to overdose necessitated casting Mike Myers to replace him. The Chris Farley Foundation is endorsing a program called “That Guy”. Check out the PSAs.

Luckiest Ground Crew Ever!
The deck crew attending to this helicopter need to go out and buy lotto tickets because they are the luckiest guys on the planet! A few feet in the wrong direction and this could have very easily been the goriest video on YouTube.

Strange Accident
Heavy downpour, slick roads and a severe drainage problem lead to a very bizarre highway crash.

Homer Simpson on the Tonight Show
Homer fills in for Jay Leno and attempts to do the monologue.

“How to Cope With Death”
An animated short where a little old lady gives death a taste of his own medicine.

Eugene McGuinness – Monsters Under the Bed
Liverpool based singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness released this animated music video to promote his indie EP. It’s a cute little song.

Magnetic Liquid Art
Amazing “animated” art using a magnetically reactive fluid. Remember as you watch this that there are no solid objects here, it’s all liquid.

Add two metal cones and run a magnetic field through them.

Funny Television Commentator Moments
The title explains it all.