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Moving On from mindyourmind – A Manager’s Goodbye

Hello there, my dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave mindyourmind as Program Manager. The notice went out today after an intentional process, and my last day is less than a month away. The 5 ½ years I’ve been with mindyourmind have been some of the most rewarding and invigorating years of my life. When I started with the program back in early 2012 as a Research Assistant, I never could have anticipated that it would help me find my life's passion in helping others in their essential and caring work.

So, to the questions I’m sure many of you have:

Why are you leaving?

Well, that’s a complicated answer. The short answer is that I’ve been here a long time and seen the organization through some major transitions and I can now move on knowing I’ve left my mark on the program and it can continue to grow in a healthy way.

Personally, I’ll be taking some time to work on some personal projects, mostly related to my passion for gaming, communication and wellness (stay tuned!). I am still very passionate about the work mindyourmind does, and will continue to play a role in some of the projects and maintain and build on my connections in the community, but from a new perspective. I’m looking forward to embracing a new direction for my life (though it’s terrifying at the same time!)

When are you leaving?

My last day in the office is July 7th. I’ve got a big list of tasks to do in the meantime though, so I won’t have much downtime in the coming weeks.

Who will be the new manager at mindyourmind?

I don’t know. The team at mindyourmind and leadership at Connex have been in close communication about the ideal person to fill the role. Currently, we’re undertaking a very intentional process about roles and responsibilities to identify gaps and ideal expertise/ experience. Members of the mindyourmind team will be involved in the hiring process, and we will ensure that this individual holds the same beliefs that the program has always held.

I’m so excited to see who fills this role, and look forward to having a great relationship with them, as I have with our previous Program Manager. If you're interested in the role, I recommend you keep an eye out for the posting and apply for this amazing position with this phenomenal team. 

What will change at mindyourmind?

Not a lot. Our program has always operated flatly, so everything is collaborative.

In practice, most of my work has been in strategy, contracts and exploring opportunities. These pieces will be taken over eventually by a new manager, and in the meantime by Brad Davey (our Executive Director) and other members of the team. My blog will stop (although it’s been slow the last few months) and a few projects that have sat with me will be moving onto other people’s plates, but since we have time to plan and do this transition intentionally, I’m sure everything will continue without hesitation.

I’ll miss you, but I’m excited for the future

I admit, this is the response I hope to get, because I will miss this program, my colleagues, and my community partners (youth and adult) so, so much. Throughout the years, it's been truly amazing to see the success of the mindyourmind program locally, nationally and internationally. I've been mentored and supported by the team and mindyourmind with their combined decades of experience, knowledge and devotion to our cause.

In many ways, I think of you all as more of a family than anything else, and one I’ve had such a privilege to be a part of.

But I still have so many questions!

Please ask them! My mindyourmind email address is

Drop me your question and I’ll be happy to answer it, and if it’s appropriate to do so, I’ll post it on the website as well.

In case you haven’t heard it today, you are capable of amazing things. 
Thank you for being my teachers, my friends and my allies, and I look forward to a new and exciting future.
Be well, and Be Safe, y’all.

- Melissa