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Multi Media Street Team 2011: The Beginning

Last Thursday was the first session of mindyourmind’s multimedia street team 2011!

Personally I’ve always enjoyed the street teams – having been on three myself, as a volunteer – because they give us a chance to come together as youth, connect with one another, and then share ideas in order to create something truly unique and our own. This time is going to be a little bit different because I work for mindyourmind and am helping to co-facilitate the whole thing! But from the first meeting I can already tell that it will be just as fun as all of the others I’ve been a part of.

We started off with introductions, giving everyone a chance to get acquainted with one another before the project really begins. It’s important to be comfortable with the people you can be around before you can really share your opinions and ideas – security breeds creativity.

Next we set up some guidelines for the team so that everyone could feel represented fairly, they involved a lot of things like being open minded, respecting everyone’s right to say something, and focusing on the task at hand and being present. Finally we came together and began working on an art project; we put together a collage of magazine clippings on bristle board that helped represent who we are, as well as what we bring to the group, and finally what we hope to gain from the group. Just looking at it now some of the words that stick out best: “get amped up”, “animating the world”, “energy”, “living the dream.”

I have a feeling that this will be a great group!

-by Max