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Music going mainstream - good idea/bad idea??

Like most youth I’m a huge fan of music (la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa), especially anything underground (i.e. rock)! One of my biggest pet peeves right now is when some of my all-time favourite bands are slowly selling out and going mainstream! AHH! I hate it! I love going with a small group of friends to some sketchy bar and listening to those oh so wonderful lyrics you ache to hear, hahaha! It’s so much more fun then going to some HUGE ampitheatre. Maybe it’s just me, but I think half of these underground bands’ appeal is that not everyone knows about them so it’s definitely something you can call your own.I love it when you can introduce people into new types of music without them already knowing the lyrics off by heart or the “hippest” dance steps from their new video! I don’t know… if you ask me I think these once-rocking bands of mine should just go back and do what they do best… sing and play for their true fans (the ones who love them most!).Leigh, mym Street Team