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My Journey with Journaling

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of 2020 to try new activities that would help improve my overall well being. After a deep dive into the internet, a common activity that came up was journaling. I decided to read up more about this and was overwhelmed with the positive feedback all over countless websites. People claimed tons of benefits to journaling such as improving creativity, relieving stress, allowing one to self reflection, helping to organize and achieving goals, controlling emotions, and the list goes on. I knew I absolutely had to try it! So I sat down with a cute little notebook and my favorite pen and started journaling.

Here is where I ran into an issue though. I was able to write a few notes in my journal for a week straight, but then I hit a mental block. I just had nothing to write about. I knew I was supposed to write down my thoughts, feelings, goals, etc… but I just couldn’t figure out where to start! I essentially had a journaling writers block! I was feeling a bit bummed out, as I knew how beneficial journaling could be, yet I struggled to write down words. I decided to jump back on the internet to see if there was anything I could do about this.

Turns out there was! Like myself, lots of others have experienced this type of writers’ block. One thing that helps a lot is receiving journaling prompts! Now every day, I look online

for some new journaling prompts, so I don’t feel so stuck. This has helped me be able to freely write about my emotions, calm my nerves, and prioritize my goals without the stress of coming up with an idea to write. So, if you are like me and are having trouble getting started with journaling, here are some of my favorite prompts below to help you out…

  • Name five good things that happened today.
  • What was on your mind today?
  • What has been going well in my life lately?
  • What doubts do I currently have?
  • What is overwhelming me lately? How can I alleviate this?
  • What little tasks do I want to accomplish today?

Have fun with these prompts and go look into some more!