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My Mood in the Winter

I have been struggling with my “healthy practices” lately.  There’s always an excuse to eat treats, be lazy, avoid that walk outdoors or lift those weights.  So lately, I’ve been catching myself feeling overwhelmed, powerless, frustrated and worried.  It comes out of nowhere and it is a giant sign for me to get into action and change my lifestyle.  I felt before that I couldn’t get the “motivation”, but really it is all on me to change this mindset and I can’t blame anyone else.  

I’m going to approach this as easily, painlessly as I can if I am going to be a healthier person.  In the past I immediately rebelled against any sort of painful, restrictive detox program-not for me.  So I went to Pinterest and then went to a quick wellness course about “Thriving” to help me get some tricks up my sleeve.  

This is what I will be working on throughout the winter months so that I don’t fall into lazy habits that leave me sleepy and grumpy:  

  1. read more
  2. move more
  3. eat more salad
  4. call a friend a few times a week
  5. bundle up and walk
  6. take a nap (because that’s fun)
  7. think positively when my mood is low.  

I look at my house cat and yell “we can do this!”.  He yawns and looks away.  

The workshop I went to about thriving in your life was run by Chantelle Diachina, founder of Prana Yoga & Wellness.  She is lovely and looks like she knows how to thrive in her day to day.  In summary, thriving personally is about taking responsibility of our own happiness and satisfaction in life.  It seem obvious, but when it comes to the day to day I find sometimes I forget that and want to blame other factors for my bad mood or lack of motivation.  In the workshop it was highlighted that “self awareness” is a never ending process, and that if we do a daily check in to see where we are at it can help us readjust our focus.  I think a “check in” is important, but I don’t know if I can do that all day everyday.

Ok, this is the time.  It’s the time for us to move around, make some changes and enjoy the winter season!  If I recall, winter is long and feels never ending so I’m going to try to improve my mood!  I challenge you to find some easy, day to day healthy practices so you can also improve your mood too.