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Never Be The Same

A few years ago I was online when I came across a post that talked about the effect of suicide in regards to the family and friends of the victim. Most people believe that nothing would change because they feel as though they aren’t important or loved, but the truth is, life would change drastically for everybody if any one of us left.

In my high school during grade nine, the student community experienced a very hard year in terms of mental health issues. We lost numerous students in just a few weeks time because we were lacking conversation about this topic, and our friends didn’t feel loved and supported. The first student to leave us was a friend of mine that I grew up with. We had grown apart, but the news was still unbelievably shocking. I hadn’t talked to him in years, or even seen him in the halls for a while, but I could immediately feel his absence.

The same thing happened the next week when a student I sat beside in my last period class left us as well. I don’t think we ever had more than a small conversation, they were quiet and kept to themselves, but I thought nothing of it. We were all in grade nine and nervous, everybody was quiet then. To me, they were just a person I passed in the hall and sat beside, not a best friend or family member, but I still felt her absence, as did everybody else, and the classroom felt odd for the rest of the year.

This experience made me realize that no matter how significant you think you may be to somebody, you are always underestimating it. After thinking about what I had read and what was going on in my community, I was inspired to write a poem. I don’t write very often anymore, and very rarely do I share them, as life gets busy as time goes on, but this poem will forever be one of my favorites and one I am most proud of.

You think the world would still be the same if you left right now? Today?
That the sun would still rise every morning and the stars would still twinkle in the same way? The deep silence of the night would no longer bring peace to everyone's soul, despite your feelings I can promise you, your absence would take a toll.
On the ones who love and cherish you, left behind feeling guilt, wishing they could all spend more time with you enjoying the relationships that you built.
They’d do everything to escape the sadness and the way it would linger in the night, as they’d imagine you watching over them, guiding them, like the wind carries a kite.
And how’d they’d pray that you’re in heaven where you truly do belong, because all they’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy, it’s what they’ve always longed [for].
You think the world would still be the same, but in reality it would fall apart, because you are the glue that holds together everybody’s heart.
So child please don’t leave, I know that times are tough, but you are adored, you are needed, and we are here to support you with our everlasting love.