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A new type of confidant

When I need a moment to speak with a friend about sensitive matters, the most common response I receive is an: "Aww.. don't worry"  or "You will get over it." Those answers might suffice for some, but in my case, both answers annoy me. I confess that half of the problem is caused by me, but the other half is definitely caused by the listener.

On my side, there are times when I do not give very much detail about my problems, which is why the other sympathizer cannot talk more in detail. This precisely ties in with my second point, which is partially the listener's fault. Most of the time, the person giving those responses do not understand my situation from a perspective to which I can relate, and therefore, speaking with such people does not provide me with an answer to resolving the things that trouble me.

This happens a couple times more, and I start to think that nobody I encounter understands the context of my problem or my feelings and reactions to those issues. Therefore, the next time I feel bummed out, I start to not bother explaining myself to the next person who asks me: "What's wrong?”.

However, that is about to change, because turns out there is a place where I can find people who have actually been in the same situation and had similar experiences as I had! is my new confidant! Or should I say, my network to confidants! With this app, I can just blurt out something on my mind that bothers me, and I will immediately find myself being connected anonymously with someone else who had mentioned something similar previously.

This means no more generic, automated responses, or talking to random people who feel around conversations haphazardly. I can finally confide in people who understand my problems and resulting feelings because they had been in the same boat! In addition, I can also immerse myself in Paralign’s scientifically-backed stress reduction exercises. This allows me to realize patterns in my most commonly recorded thoughts, which may be the root of all my problems! It is a medium for building rapport and most importantly, a supplement for a healthier mind, mood, and overall well-being.

Even though Paralign is in its beta stage, all I have to do is search ‘Paralign’ on the app Store or Google Play Store to download and enjoy the app. It also allows me to optionally register with my Facebook or Google Plus account while allowing me to maintain my anonymity. You can follow these simple steps and start relishing in Paralign too!

Remember everyone, you are not alone.