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Ninety-six Words for Love

Just recently I stumbled upon an article that talked about how the English language only had one word for “love.” One. Just one. Other language across the world & cultures have up to 96 words for love. And it got me thinking, what difference would this make?

Would we be happier, more expressive if there were more ways for saying the word “love”? It seems these days there are about 13745 curse words, but only one English word for “love”? Something about this seems completely wrong to me. It seems to me that increasing the number of words that can be used to describe an emotion so pure and full of hope as love, would this not promote more kindness, empathy and general happiness overall?

I think the one take away no matter what is this: no matter how many actual words we have for the feeling of love, we should all try using it more. Tell your friends, family and other loved ones that you do love them, and often. Or even practice better self-love: tell yourself that you are amazing, awesome and deserve to be loved. To me, it always helps me to feel more positive, and usually a quick “I love you too” back always helps to brighten my day!