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A Note on Resilience from The New York Times

A few days ago, Kristin Wong from The New York Times published an article called “How to Stay Optimistic When Everything Seems Wrong.” It discusses the importance of hope right now, and calls for conscious efforts to think positively in a time that seems ever-so-negative. Wong emphasizes that the goal is not to override feelings like despair, anger, or anxiety, but to counter them with hopeful thought and emotion. “Cognitively, this is a challenge, because it requires you to acknowledge your positive and negative emotions at once and to allow them to exist simultaneously,” she says. 

In other words, the first step to finding the resilience that you’re probably looking for right now is making room for optimism and hope. Kristin Wong suggests five ways to do this, including “finding pleasure in the small things” and “looking for meaning” in these trying times. 

For more on balance, resilience, and hopefulness, check out the full article How to Stay Optimistic When Everything Seems Wrong.