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Options Recognized Clothing

Max contacted us from the shiny red apple - New York, New York! He created this business to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and reaching out for help when it’s needed.

This is what Max had to say:

Options Recognized is a clothing brand with a mental health initiative. Our goal is for people to wear our brand, tell their stories, and in short, help decrease the harmful stigmas that surround mental health; we hope to show those without a voice that what they are going through is normal and surmountable. My inspiration to create Options Recognized came from my own mental health struggles – anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even suicidal contemplation.

During my first year at college, I saw the lives of many close friends deteriorate due to mental health illness, allowing me to see firsthand the prevalence of mental health illness on college campuses. These issues are extremely prevalent and of utmost importance in the society we live in, and I hope Options Recognized can help change the lives of those, both young and old, feeling lost and alone. Our products contain messaging that centers around mental health help seeking and maintaining a sense of self-worth and happiness, and we hope this will contribute to fighting the stigma nationwide.

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