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Our MYM Mission

A community of youth working towards something meaningful to thembring forth their own strengths, virtues, and, of course, issuesto build a campaign that will not only help them but also others.What is more important . . . themselves or others?Now there’s a non-question for you.Importance should be measured in effortthe effort put forth here can and will help in many directions.Whether self-centered or something more globalthese avenues should not be individual,but part of a greater whole.I think that is what we uncovered here.Individuals communing to produce something that can onlybe a product of a something collective and, hopefully, is universal in importance.The whole is greater than the sum of its partswe are the parts and the whole is our missionwe are whole and our parts all contribute to our missions completion.Written by Get Real NationWide Participant Todd, 21, Yukon Territory