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Our view of beauty"¦distorted??

Our view of beauty distorted you say? Yes! Our view of beauty has become a sickly thing, the sight of it and our thoughts about it. The look everybody wants and is going for is the stick thin unhealthy appearance. Many girls are looking at magazines and billboards and truly believing that this is the way women look…”the ideal way to look”

What nobody realizes is that these women in magazines and on billboards are really not who we think they are. These women are photo shopped into becoming a completely different person. What really shocks me is that they are making these women skinnier and adding more make-up to them and “fixing” their image as if they’re dolls to be played with. The disturbing part is that these women were already beautiful in the first place. Faith hill (in the picture attached) was already incredible looking and thin at the age of 40 and they still felt the need to photo shop her image? Why couldn’t they have kept her the way she was? To me she looks pretty ideal and wonderful!

These pictures of celebrities have tricked us into believing that they are truly real and what’s worse as a majority made us believe that this is they way we are all supposed to look like. Unlike many magazine companies and beauty product companies, Dove is taking a different approach to it. Dove is promoting women and their bodies for the way we are no matter what shape or size or height we have in their Dove self esteem campaign. They are taking real images of women and proudly showing them in their real forms. This is exactly what we need to be celebrating.

Take a look at this video that Dove promoted. It shows us the process of a photo shopped image that has become someone completely different. It’s incredibly AMAZING and SHOCKING to see what they really do to something that we ALL see.