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Owen Wilson

My guilty pleasure is to read all about celebrity gossip, I check out all kinds of gossip pages like 10 times a day. But what I can not stand to hear about is the suffering that celebrities go through. With the sudden attempted suicide by Owen Wilson I just can not stand to read about it. People are saying that the reason for his attempt is because he saw a picture of Kate Hudson kissing her new boyfriend, Dax Shepard. Other people are blaming Steve Coogan, a friend of Owen’s for the suicide attempt.The fact about suicide, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, is that the majority of suicides aren’t caused by one particular incident. The fact is that “a sudden traumatic event may hasten a decision to suicide, but most often many feelings and events have occurred for a long time.” .My thoughts are just leave him alone, let him get better and once he feels like talking about the whole event then he will. People are asking him to release a statement, but he already has, apparently it’s not enough information for the media. Owen is reported as stating, “’I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time,’ he said.It is the same way for all celebrities, they need to be given time and space to get better and the media has to stop deciding how much time is enough.-Megan,17, Canada