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Part 3 - Personal Philosophy

Personal philosophies and the interpretation of presented philosophies, can and should vary exceedingly from person to person. One such philosophy is that of letting go. This can mean a wide range of things. When presented with this idea, it sounds like a means of enjoying life. One may read it as not caring, not planning, just going with the flow.

This is looking at letting go as the free-fall journey approach. In this approach, one must establish their lack of planning and caring, whether by exercising a lack of care, or by dulling their senses to emotion and thought. The free-fall, is of course liberating at first; exhilarating. In order to aid themselves on their downward journey, things which would be labeled as sin or vice, are often reached out for. One can begin to lose themselves, whether in a euphoric drug-induced ecstasy, the bottom of a bottle, or caught-up in material excess. Freeing at first, these things start to drag one further down into inescapable despair, often only ended when they collide with rock-bottom.

Thus by this path, one may escape reality, but it likely to smack them back in a very hard-hitting and real way. Conversely, one may conclude that letting go is to not have to rely on those supporting crutches of escapism and vice. Following this path, one must establish what is important and secure in their lives, that they may have a foundation on which to rest and in a sense be able to trust in the solid ground beneath their feet. By doing this, one may cast aside those trivial nuisances in their daily lives and effectively let go of their hold over them. It is crucial that people decide for themselves what such things mean to them, or whether or not they do indeed hold any significance at all.

Conclusion: We live in a world of misrepresentation, of propaganda, censorship, classified information, and partial truths. A world in which even history is historically inaccurate. In which our morals are constantly manipulated to support agendas whose real ambitions are profit. In which politicians’ tongues proliferate marketable values, whilst they crush those same values under their fist.

In this world of spin, even statistics, if not falsified, may be arbitrarily bent to conclude that which they do not prove. Lies and hypocrisy have been so dogmatically propagated, that fact is no longer discernible. In such a world, reality is impossible to define outside of the Matrix design presented to us. Perception is the only tool at our disposal by which we may come to understand ourselves and our world. However, it is our own purposeful distortion of reality which has presented us with a wide berth for interpretation, by which to define our individuality. Thus one must always practice being autodidactic; always exercise interpretation, applying analysis and scrutiny. It is not enough to simply allow information to enter an open-mind, but also to subject it to the filtering process of analysis. Do not therefore, take anything at face value, nor subject yourself to conforming to the standard for no better reason than it being what is expected.