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Peer-based helpline for Muslim youth

Peer-based helpline for Muslim youth

I just learned about the Naseeha helpline earlier this week. It’s a helpline for Muslim youth (although anyone can call) that launched in 2006. They can help you with issues related to marriage, divorce, domestic issues, bullying, relationships, religion, drugs, alcohol, pornography, mental health and more. This helpline is peer-based, meaning it is staffed by Muslim youth (aged 18-35).

Naseeha was created because callers wanted someone who could understand their faith, religion and cultural context. It was also important to have a space where they could get support to deal with their experiences of Islamophobia. The helpline is totally confidential, unless they believe you are a harm to yourself or others, if there is a suspicion of child abuse or if their records are subpoenaed by the courts.

This helpline is unique because religion is a part of their service. They emphasize that the religious aspect is meant to be comforting and supportive, not “preachy” or judgmental. They never talk about heaven, hell or sin. They won’t bring religion up unless you bring it up in the conversation.

Naseeha operates Monday- Friday from 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm EST. Their number is 1 (866) 627-3342. You are also able to message them through social media or email, but they will probably encourage you to call in.

If you need help outside of these hours, has a list of some alternative helplines you can access.