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Podcast Review: Purely Being Guided Meditation

I have seen all over social media and the news about the wonderful benefits of meditation. I had originally tried to make this become a habit of mine a few years back. I remember sitting down comfortably on my bedroom floor, closing my eyes, and attempting some deep breathing. I had expected this to calm my brain down and help me relax – yet I felt the complete opposite. I was trying so hard, but I kept getting distracted and could not find a way to stop my intruding thoughts. I ended up getting more frustrated since I thought meditation was supposed to stop that. Needless to say, I was not too keen on meditation.

Fast forward a few years to present day, with COVID-19 still around, I decided to start listening to some new wellness podcasts. I stumbled across one called ‘Purely Being Guided Meditation’ by Lucy and I thought, why not? Let’s try meditation again! Turns out this time around, things worked out a lot better for me. All I needed was a little guidance, and this podcast was the perfect place to start. There are many different guided meditations posted for all tastes, long and short. There are also different episodes geared towards various emotional states you may be in. Lucy’s voice is so calming and inspirational. It is the perfect blend of warmth, joy and gratitude. The episodes in this podcast truly provide a space to affirm, be still, and appreciate the little things in life! If you are interested in trying out meditation, or just need some new inspiration, I HIGHLY recommend you check out this podcast! 

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