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Positive benefits of sport and looking after your mental fitness

Positive Benefits of Sport

  • Positive Attitude
  • Enhanced self-confidence and positive selfbelief
  • Development of Good Communication skills
  • Making Boundaries/ Setting Limits
  • together
  • Strong sense of community/belonging
  • Opportunities to socialise in a safe
  • environment
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety and increased
  • well-being
  • Reduced stress and depression
  • Improved mood and concentration
  • Opportunity to make new friends
  • Developing social skills

Looking after your Mental Fitness

  • Talk to your Friends: If you have something on your mind, get it off your chest and talk to a mate – don’t bottle things up.
  • Eat well: Try and eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary food and drinks which can pick you up short term but have no health or energy benefits. Good Food can = Good Mood.
  • Take “Time Out” for yourself: You time is important – be it an activity, a run, chilling out watching a DVD or your favourite show –try to have something to look forward to each day – no matter how big/small.
  • Get Active: It's great if you are part of a club, but you can do other active things. You can join a gym, go running with friends, go walking, do an activity where you set your own goals and objectives, boost your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Be aware of all the services on your doorstep: Your community has lots of great groups who can help with a range of things from Mental Health, Debt Management/Benefit Entitlement, CVs, Employment & Learning, Education, Trauma etc. If you know your options you can make BETTER CHOICES.