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#RedCrossRespect Twitter Conversation

mindyourmind and the Canadian Red Cross teamed up to work with a group of amazing youth to create social media awareness tools for the Healthy Youth Relationships Respect Education program. We are launching the new Healthy Youth Relationships campaign this October and it starts with a Twitter Chat on October 21 at 4:00 pm PST! This will be an opportunity to talk about how to educate and support youth in developing healthy relationships, as well as promote our classroom resources and the free online course for youth.

Use the hashtag #RedCrossRespect and follow @RedCrossCanada on Instagram and Twitter to join the conversation.


  • #RedCrossRespect
  • Secondary:  #nowIknow

Things to know to join the twitter conversation:

  • Click on the hashtag (#RedCrossRespect) or search for it on Twitter to follow and participate in this conversation. Refresh to view new tweets. Try it on Twitter, with any hashtag and you’ll see people that you don’t follow.
  • The hashtag #RedCrossRespect must be included in every tweet. That’s how people will be able to follow the conversation.

Replying to tweets:

  • Reminder: A tweet that begins with a username (@janicebabineau for example) is considered a reply, or part of a conversation between two users. These tweets will only appear in the timelines of users who follow both participants in the conversation. This could dramatically decrease the number of people who could potentially see your tweet. If you want your tweet to show up in the timeline of all your followers, try adding a period before the username or another word. Examples:  

I think @redcrosscanada is a great humanitarian organization.

.@redcrosscanada is a great humanitarian organization.

  • Replying is the #1 way to interact on Twitter. It should be your goal to interact with people regularly by replying to their tweets.
  • You can reply to users without following them.
  • Don’t forget to see if anyone has replied back to you by checking your mentions in the @ Connect tab of
  • When questions will be asked to the group by @RedCrossCanada (the moderator), they will put Q1, Q2, Q3 in front of them. To answer a specific question, start by A1, A2, A3, etc...

October 21, 2015

Time Zone                Start Time                End Time
PST                             4:00 PM                    5:00 PM
MST                            5:00 PM                    6:00 PM
CST                             6:00 PM                    7:00 PM
EST                             7:00 PM                    8:00 PM
AST                             8:00 PM                    9:00 PM
NST                            8:30 PM                    9:30 PM