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Reflecting on the Frayme 2022 Learning Institute Ideathon

Reflecting on the Frayme 2022 Learning Institute Ideathon

In February 2022, mindyourmind hosted an Ideathon, a fast-paced event where participants collaborate with one another to develop unique solutions to identified challenges. 

It was an exciting opportunity to partner with Frayme and lead this event during their 2022 Learning Institute. Thank you to Frayme for having us host and for all of your support! 

As well, we could not have done this Ideathon without the help of CCSA, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, and its incredible youth champions. Together, we created the challenge statements and facilitated the three virtual sessions. Special shout out to Kat, Kayly, and Jordan for offering their time and expertise! 

So what was the process like? 

Well, over the course of three online sessions, we met with 11 youth from all across Canada. They were an amazing group and everyone was passionate about making the system better for other young people. 

The 11 youth were divided into four groups to tackle a particular challenge statement. The four groups were: 

  • How might we improve access to mental health and addiction services for rural youth?
  • How might we address the needs of older youth accessing mental health and addiction services?
  • How might we increase meaningful youth engagement in mental health and addiction services?
  • How might we include and prioritize more culturally relevant and holistic services in the mental health and addiction sector?

Each group had time to work in breakout rooms, where they brainstormed possible solutions to the issue at hand. They then developed an innovative solution to their specific challenge. During the final session, they pitched their proposed plan to a judging panel, consisting of mindyourmind, Frayme, and CCSA representatives. 

We were all blown away by the ideas presented and the level of creativity and hard work that went into each group’s solutions. It was a hard decision to make, however, one group was selected as the winner. Congrats to group 4, who created an online navigation resource hub to address the needs of older youth! 

Although there was only one winner, each group walked away with new connections, insights, and prizes!! And in terms of the next steps, we can’t wait to collaborate with Frayme and CCSA to discuss the possibilities of bringing these ideas to life.

As we reflect on the Ideathon, we are filled with hope for the future. With young people leading the way, we are going to be in good hands. 

As youth-serving organizations, let’s hold ourselves accountable to listen and learn from young people. They have a lot to offer, beyond their lived experience, and we must continue to create spaces where they can lead and grow.