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Reinvent Your Perspective Through Art

 Reinvent Your Perspective Through Art

As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and school gets busier, it is vital to engage in activities that allow for reflection and time for yourself. I like to create art to take time for myself and to help relieve stress. Here are three art project ideas to get you inspired:

Drawing or Painting a Nature Scene: Although you can draw inspiration from any aspect of your life, the first suggestion is to draw inspiration from nature. In addition to the creative output, a walk in nature can also be a way to take time for yourself and allow for reflection. Depending on the weather on your walk, it might be fun to find a spot to sketch outdoors. If it is too cold or rainy, try taking a picture to bring back with you from the walk. For an added challenge or new perspective, try looking at nature from different points of view (ground up, bird's eye view, etc.)!

A Collage: The second art project is a collage. Collages are works of art that are comprised of many different media. These media can include drawings, photographs, magazine and newspaper clippings, advertisements, etc. Collages allow for a new perspective through transformation and for the ability to create art with everyday objects that you might have otherwise overlooked. For an added challenge, try to incorporate garbage, such as receipts or wrappers. 

Colouring Books or Paint by the Numbers: If the first two projects seem too daunting or you don't have time to take on a whole art project, colouring books or painting by the numbers is the option for you. There is something about colouring in the lines (or outside) that is very calming. During this art-making, try listening to a mindfulness podcast, allowing yourself to reflect on your day.