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Safer Doesn't Mean Safe

Youth smoking rates have been declining over the years but did you know that youth vaping rates are on the rise? 

For many youth vaping is the new norm and often it is young people who would never smoke a cigarette who are choosing to vape.  Health advocates have been working for decades to decreases youth tobacco impressions in movies, magazines, on tv and in stores but with a this new and untapped market of “smokers”, Big Tobacco is at it again.  Big Tobacco continues to try to recruit a new audience to take up the habit and replaces those who are dying from using their deadly products.    

Vapes are often marketed as healthier or safer but even though vaping may seem like a healthier alternative to smoking, just because it is safer doesn’t mean it is SAFE!     

If you don't believe us, check out to learn more about the risks of vaping. 

Did you know? 
E-cigarette use is most prevalent among young people: one in four youth (aged 15-19) and three in ten young adults (aged 20-24) reported ever trying an e-cigarette.