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Small Steps

Those who are living or have lived with depression are familiar with the extreme fatigue and lack of motivation that often accompanies the disorder. Often, feeling this way can prevent someone from completing daily tasks the rest of us may take for granted, such as getting dressed and out of bed, completing homework, or even doing daily chores.

Jonna Roslund knows this all too well. The 26 year old depression sufferer compares it to trying to run a marathon when you've been in a coma for years.

"My room [has] been messy for several months [because] I can't push myself to take care of it," she explained in an Imgur post. "But this Friday I decided to finally do it!"

Her first photo reveals the room before the clean. Dozens of empty bottles. papers, and used cotton balls lay piled on the floor- in fact, not much of the floor can be seen at all! The bed contains mountains of clothes, books, and other items.

Her second photo displays the result of three days of cleaning. "You can finally see that i have a floor!” she writes. “Say hi to my teddy Nalle on the bed!"

"I know it's not a big victory, but for me it means the world to just be able to have my door open if people come over. I feel so at peace right now ... Me 1 — Depression 0!"

The post was flooded by dozens of positive comments, many written by people who had also battled with the illness.

The path to mental wellness is a journey, and doesn’t happen overnight. When on the road to recovery, every small step is its own victory! Sometimes, it’s important to remember to give yourself credit, and celebrate the fact that you are headed in the right direction.

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