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Some resources I came across...

1.   No Kidding Me Too!! *check out this advisory board!

We are mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!! Please join us as we educate souls everywhere to "STOMP THE STIGMA!" attached to brain "dis-ease".

2.   Psychosiphobia – some good anti-stigma messages and visuals

The Need

There is an urgent need for funding to provide more housing and community services to help people with mental illness.

Without proper funding our society is abandoning many people with a mental illness to having no care and no housing. Their presence is evident on the streets of every city; it is estimated that two-thirds of homeless people using urban shelters suffer from some form of mental illness. They deserve better.

3.   Storybooks for Children series I thought this was really cool! Deals with Depression and addictions issues.