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Stress and your diet

Stress is, unfortunately, an integral part of modern life for most people. Stressful situations are often exposed at work, in traffic, in the family. Stress and chronic fatigue are the prerequisites for many diseases: high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity, to name just a few. Stress is also usually associated with anxiety and depression.

A popular question is what can we do to reduce stress and its negative impact on the body and our health?  There is no easy way to answer this question.  But recently, I’ve seen my personal life impacted by various stressful situations and with the help of some professionals, family and friends I think I’ve found some things that may be helpful.

Vitamins and minerals – my doctor suggested that in order to successfully cope with stress and stressful situations, you need to eat foods that contain higher amounts of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, tryptophan, folic acid, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

Diet – proper meal consumption was highly recommended, with more light meals (fewer calories) during the day, instead of fewer meals with more calories, which will take longer, and be harder for your body, to digest.

Groceries – I was told to add these foods to my daily diet: avocados, bananas, broccoli, peas, watermelon, poultry, whole grains, integral and white rice, green vegetables, winter squash, nuts, potatoes, cabbage, salmon, dairy products with less fat, olive and olive oil, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, fish, sardines, seeds, figs, soy, spinach, asparagus.

Other suggestions - to fight stress with physical activity at a moderate level. More rest, sleep and drinking more fluids (not alcohol) can help you fight stress. In addition, it was suggested to me to try aromatherapy, meditation and or yoga exercises, acupressure, acupuncture, teas (chamomile, valerian, lime, clove).

What to avoid? - avoid or reduce the amount of: refined foods (fatty meats, smoked and cured meats, salamis, sausages, pasta, white sugar, white salt, refined oil, large amounts of caffeine, too many alcoholic drinks) and smoking.

Treatment - in the fight against stress it is essential to be aware of what causes stress and to try and avoid these things. The Galaxy interactive is a great tool that can help you identify things that cause you stress and things that help you cope.

If you need help with stress in your life, learn about ways to get help in our Help section.