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#TBT: “My Story with Schizophrenia”

Every once in a while, we’ll be posting a Throwback Thursday (#TBT) blog about something from mindyourmind’s history — whether it’s something from a couple years ago, or something that’s over ten years old! For our first #TBT blog, we’re throwing it WAY back with this video that is well-suited for Mental Illness Awareness Week. 

The video, created by a youth in one of mindyourmind’s original youth teams, describes their lived experience with schizophrenia and their journey towards recovery. Fun fact: this is also our most viewed video on the mindyourmind YouTube channel

Before you watch the video, we would like to provide a trigger warning as there is mention of self-harm.

Even 16 years later (how long it's been since the video was made), schizophrenia is heavily stigmatized and not often talked about during mental illness awareness days, so we wanted to bring this video back to encourage viewers to take a moment to empathize with one person’s story and possibly understand schizophrenia a little bit more. We can only hope that by bringing more of these stories to the forefront, society can begin to talk about mental illness in an informed and compassionate way on a regular basis and not just on certain days of the year.


mindyourmind has been around for almost two decades, and we have pretty neat stuff in our history. The idea of Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) started because we want to share this past content, and some memorable moments too. When it comes to the mental health landscape, some things stay the same, while others are always evolving.

Stay tuned for our next #TBT!