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#TBT: Stress Me Less

Stress Me Less

Stress Me Less was created in 2011 in hopes of providing youth with another tool to manage and cope with stressors in life. A group of 6 youth came together and identified that stress played an important role in one's mental health. In the Stress Me Less game you can choose any item and label it with any stressor you currently have. You are then given different tools that you can use to destroy the item, giving you an opportunity to release that stress in a cathartic manner that is also safe. The game also provides different healthy coping strategies that you can incorporate into your self care kit.

I actually came across this game last week while scrolling through some images for our social media and decided to play it. I was experiencing a lot of different stressors and taking a break and using this tool really helped me feel a little better.

Take a moment to check out Stree Me Less!


mindyourmind has been around for almost two decades, and we have pretty neat stuff in our history. The idea of Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) started because we want to share this past content, and some memorable moments too. When it comes to the mental health landscape, some things stay the same, while others are always evolving.

Stay tuned for our next #TBT!

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