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Thank you for your contributions in 2012!

On behalf of the mindyourmind team, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and say a big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers and to everyone who has contributed a personal story, poem, your school post, blog post, art, dance, photos or video submission in 2012!

You all helped to make 2012 a wonderful year at mindyourmind. You helped others to find hope and inspiration through your work and through bravely sharing your stories. Your contributions all truly make a difference and we wanted to share some feedback with you from people that you’ve helped.

Check out some of the things people have said to us:

  • “This site changed my life, I am so very happy. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME SECURE.” – website comment, Braden
  • “I would like to thank mindyourmind for the help I received, today I took the first step towards dealing with my depression, and with the guidance and info I received tomorrow I'm getting counseling to help me through everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! and keep up the great work your doing!!” - comment on facebook, Chad
  • “Fantastic!! Best video ever, really made me accept my recent diagnosis!!” – comment on Schizophrenia video
  • “mindyourmind helped me through a really tough depression. It’s a great resource. I wish it had existed all through my adolescence.” Lynn
  • “Very inspirational” – comment on website, Morgan
  • “…your blog has answered many of my questions…” – comment on website, Dilver
  • “you website is a goldmine for #youth #mentalhealth. Where were you when I grew up ;( !” – comment on twitter
  • “Hi, I just wanted to say what a wonderful website. I work in the mental health and addictions field as a youth counselor and I will be sure to share your website. I love, love the tools, tips, and the ability for someone to reach out and talk to someone when they need to. You are saving lives every minute of every day! Thank You for caring...Be True!” – website comment, Blueeyedgirl

Happy New Year to you all! We look forward to seeing your new submissions in 2013!

Be safe and remember to Reach out, Get help, Give help if you need to.