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Think for yourself! - Intro and Part 1

Ours is a world of interpretation. Propaganda, stigma, hyperbole, bigotry; these are all manipulative forces which dissuade us from penetrating the subtle greyness of reality and deceiving us into following the false path of black and white logic. The paths in life which present themselves clearest, are always those which lead abruptly to a dead-end. In trying to describe any element of the social reality, one must rely on a linguistic approach, which is destined to obscure itself in the vacuum of interpretation. It is only the most trivial and base variables of the physical reality structure which can ever be truly defined by mathematical logic and the definitive equation. Therefore, argument can never define right or wrong, it can only ever define who we are. Political philosophies, such as Anarchy and Democracy, ideals such as Patriotism, and personal philosophies for living, are only a few examples of areas open to a wide scope of interpretation. The ways in which we define, or allow to be defined for us these ideas, helps to shape our world view and our view of ourselves.Argument 1 (Anarchy and Democracy):There are certain concepts, especially politically related, which have been labeled by clearly propagated, commonly-held misconceptions. Two such concepts are those of Anarchy and Democracy. Placing the presently given versions of these ideas aside, and instead focusing on literal review of their root-words, one can begin to see how loosely they have been defined. Democracy for example, comes from the root-words demos (the people) and cracy (suffix referring to rule). The definition implied by this would be a sense of rule by public opinion. Such a system would require constant referendum, and a governing body with no real power of its own other than to carry out the will of the people. Under the loosely contrived version of Democracy we have adopted, we are presented with the power of the people to select a predetermined candidate, elected by one of a limited number of parties to represent us. We make this decision based upon a presented platform, the foundation of which does not necessarily have a strong place in the hidden agenda.Thus our choice is often not based upon the best candidate, but is rather limited to who appals us the least. This bastardized Democracy presents us with the illusion of freedom through the illusion of choice. It is a facade which the Western Democracies are able to successfully market abroad, for the purpose of Capitalist advancement. By setting-up puppet regimes, they are able to deceive people into applauding the privilege of electing one’s dictator. Anarchy, is commonly misrepresented as a state of chaos and disorder. This is an incredibly short-sighted viewpoint. An is a negative prefix meaning without and archy is a suffix relating to a ruling class. The adopted definition of being without government and being in a state of chaos, comes from not recognizing the value of Anarchy’s root-words. If it simply meant without rule it would be called ancracy. The focus, then must shift to the idea of class. Since the system of class represents various levels of rule over others, the class system itself must be dissolved to achieve Anarchy. It is both short-sighted and naive to think society would function without some form of governing body as there would be a constant state of feudal warfare and coup. Anarchy, then would require a governing body represented by the idea of true Democracy, under which the ruling class is everyone together. The two ideas of Democracy and Anarchy then, really go hand-in-hand to pave an avenue towards equality. In accepting the given definitions of these words, one recognizes Democracy and Anarchy as polar opposites, yet in trying to interpret for themselves, one can see their symbiotic connection.