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Togetherall: Big White Wall’s Name Change

Exciting news to see and also interesting to hear why they decided to update their name.  According to Togetherall (their new name), they have been doing research on how they are doing as a helping resource. An awesome reason to head to is that they are listening to what their users are sharing with them. Bringing people together and a place that accepts everyone is what their research showed as being what their participants liked the most. Togetherall more accurately reflects the atmosphere on the platform, whereas Big White Wall felt more like a barrier to help.  

Togetherall participants and conversations are supported by clinicians who are there to ensure this forum remains a safe place for folks to be vulnerable and strong. Togetherall is committed to peer to peer support; why this is great is because you get to connect with people who understand and are also working on their own healing. 

Togetherall is free and for Ontario residents 16+. Check it out! Even if you aren’t ready to share anything personal yet, it’s a great way to see what other people are doing to stay well or move through difficult times.