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Transforming a report into a zine!

Back in October, I had the unique opportunity to co-facilitate and participate in a zine workshop, as a part of the CYCC Knowledge Mobilization Project. A group of youth got together over one weekend to look at a report, focused on using technology to provide support to youth in challenging contexts. The goal of the weekend was to take the 100 page report, highlight the key information, and represent it in zine format.

It was a little overwhelming at first. Seeing a big report with a ton of information and having to condense it into a small zine all in two days was a little scary. So for the first day, we went through the process of zine-ing with small newspaper articles. Then we went onto story boarding our final zines.

After everyone was comfortable, we spent the final day creating our final pieces. For me, the best part of the weekend was the final hour, where we went around the table and presented our final zines.

There were a lot of common themes you’ll find in the information that we decided to present. What’s really cool about this project is that we all presented it in such unique ways. A great analogy that came up was: “We can all take a picture of the same apple, but each picture will be completely different.” That’s what makes this weekend so special. We were truly mobilizing the information. We found different ways to relate to the report, along with finding ways to present it in a way that made sense to us. I truly believe that lived experience is evidence, and we were able to combine information from the report with our own lives and our own personal experiences. And that’s what makes these zines so special. Check out the zines by clicking on each zine creator’s name.

Overall, the weekend was great. It showcased just how successfully we can present information through art, and make research relatable to everyone. We showcased how we related to the information in our own ways. 

And that’s really special.