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Tuesday Morning YouTube (2007.09.20)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Again I find myself limited in time so I only have a few clips for you but they’re pretty good ones!  

Adventure Time

  • This cartoon hits all the notes perfectly at how random and nonsensical children’s animation can be. Who needs drugs to fry your brain when you have Nickelodeon? After viewing this short I think you’ll agree that it’s “Mathematical!”…Whatever that’s supposed to mean.
  • Trapped in the Drive-Thru
    As if the original R Kelly song wasn’t unintentionally funny enough (seriously, people aren’t paying money to hear that are they?) here’s Weird Al’s version
  • Whiteboard Animations
    Freaky stop-motion animations using a whiteboard.
  • You Have a Dirty Mind!
    I saved the best for last. Here’s proof that you have a dirty mind and will see…ahem…inappropriate images in the most innocent of places (not for sensitive viewers!)