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UK outraged over "Mental Patient" Hallowe'en costume

A major chain in the UK, Asda, got blasted by consumers for selling a "Mental Patient Fancy Dress" Hallowe'en costume of someone dressed in a bloody, torn and tattered hospital gown holding a machete.

Public outrage over the stigma that the costume was perpetuating about those with mental health issues caused the Asda chain to reevaluate and apologize:

"We’re deeply sorry one of our fancy dress costumes has upset people. This was an unacceptable error — the product was withdrawn immediately. We’d like to offer our sincere apologies for the offence it’s caused and will be making a sizeable donation to @MindCharity. We removed the product from our website this afternoon but unfortunately the page may remain visible for a few more hours.”

This is another awesome example of people not allowing stigma into our communities anymore. Patients with mental health issues are not dangerous or bloody or killers and it's great to see that this stigma is not being accepted as funny or comical.

Congrats to the UK and our colleagues at @MindCharity for expressing your outrage over this!