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Unfiltered Facts

Encouraging people to change their habits can be really hard. Throw in anything addictive, like cigarettes, and it’s even harder! Luckily there are some amazing prevention programs that are making a difference. A key component of a successful prevention program is youth engagement. When youth are involved and empowered to work with their peers, meaningful change occurs. An example of a youth led smoking prevention advocacy group is Unfiltered Facts.

Unfiltered Facts has a wide range of advocacy opportunities for youth to engage in as well as amazing prizes the youth are eligible for as they participate. Due to this youth engagement model they have been able to develop a really informative and interesting campaign regarding cannabis. Check it out here.

Youth led smoking prevention advocacy groups have made great strides in Ontario and and will continue to do so. In the past ten years youth advocates have been able to successfully lobby for the following policy changes:

  • 2008- Ontario bans promotion of tobacco products at retailers

  • 2009- Ontario bans smoking in cars with children and youth under age 16

  • 2016- Ontario bans sale of flavoured tobacco products

Know of any other awesome youth engagement projects?! Let us know!

Did you know?

Within 12 hours of quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide levels in your body drops down to normal.