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Unsinkable, a Story Sharing Platform

Sharing your personal story about the most difficult times in your life can be really liberating and powerful in your journey to healing. It also means that your story can support others on a similar journey. What lessons can other people learn when you discuss mental illness, personal addiction, or your experiences with trauma? Sharing stories online might be a more supportive atmosphere for young adults to share their experiences vs. public speaking in front of an audience. Unsinkable is a new online program looking to create a place of safety and honesty for people to really express themselves, and thereby help reduce the stigma associated with talking about your mental illness.

There are so many inspiring stories on the site that you can explore. Finding your own similarities in other people’s experiences can be very validating for your mental health and help you feel not so alone. Sometimes, we can even see that sharing personal stories impacts public opinion in a positive way on topics that otherwise feel private and stigmatized. Do our perspectives in society change after hearing more personal stories? Does it help us to not feel so isolated when going through a difficult time? We hope! At mindyourmind, we love highlighting the work that is being done with these online communities for you to explore and find solidarity.

We interviewed Silken Lauman, the founder of Unsinkable. In the interview, she explains the importance of mental health care, being a proud advocate, and shares her own personal stories of survival. 

The landing page on Unsinkable’s website also reads:

Welcome to Unsinkable. We are connecting you with notable people, young people, health professionals, and your friends next door. Listen as they tell stories that inspire, motivate, teach, support and encourage us. Together, we are unsinkable. ~

How amazing is that? Take care of yourselves!